Hard Cell Now Streaming

We are so thrilled that Hard Cell, written, directed by and starring Catherine Tate is now streaming on Netflix.

A documentary style comedy set in fictional female prison, HMP Woldsley, which sees Catherine Tate play six different characters. Prison governor, Laura Willis (Tate), oversees the correctional facility in her own unique, and often flawed, way. The documentary captures the announcement of Laura’s latest big idea: rehabilitation through theatre in the shape of an inmate-led musical production. Rehearsals draw together an eclectic mix of women including serial offender Ros, the psychotic Big Viv, and newest timid inmate, Ange. What could possibly go wrong?


Laura is HMP Woldsley’s governor. A self-styled prison reformer convinced staging musicals will provide a platform for her belief that creativity leads to rehabilitation. Her detractors would describe her as a ‘bleeding heart liberal in kitten heels’, a description she wouldn’t hate.


Ange is a timid first timer. An innocent, struggling to adapt to her new environment, her meekness making her easy prey. But she lives by her mantra “People are inherently good” and despite her misfortune, she overcomes her fears, settles in and even finds her prison walk.


Ros is a popular, bouncy inmate who idolises her mother. Loves her prison wife Suds, pretends to love her penpal boyfriend Sebastian but is in fact, rinsing him for all he’s worth. What? It’s not her fault that people are so trusting.

Big Viv

Big Viv is terrifying, feared by inmates and prisoners alike. Violent, unpredictable and singing is her happy place – everything you’d want in a cell mate. A devoted fan of the Kardashians, with whom she identifies deeply, Vivienne develops a passion for theatre as she becomes involved with the musical.


Marco is a guard from Essex. He got down to the last 32 on Love Island so he’s got nothing to prove. More committed to his appearance than his job, which he only took because he can get to work without changing tubes.

Anne Marie

The mother of Ros. A tough, mean, ex-con, who visits her daughter whenever she has run out of money. Contemptuous and scathing, she takes full advantage of her daughter’s unconditional love.